Group 61

Padmount Termination/
Sectionalizing Enclosure

Group 61

Scott’s metal enclosures offer a simple solution whenever underground cable needs to be terminated at a convenient location or as a non-fusible sectionalizers to distribute power to another location.


Available in standard industry dimensions and custom sizes for your application. Our sectionalizes are for use on single and three-phase circuits 5kV to 35kV, 200A, or 600A with junction bars that are suitable for 2 ways up to 6 ways.

Metal Enclosure Design


The metal enclosure is welded to a 3-inch galvanized channel base to reduce flexing and racking during installation.


The metal enclosure’s galvanized channel base, roof and walls are MIG welded throughout and grounded smooth to make the metal enclosure structure sturdy and water infiltration resistant.


Media blasting the metal enclosure removes metal impurities resulting in a rough surface that firmly adheres to the primer and finishing coat.


Once the metal enclosure has been primed, a sealant is applied to the seams to prevent water infiltration.


The metal enclosure is coated with 3 millimeters of epoxy primer and 3 millimeters of finishing to reduce the effect of corrosion. The epoxy coat is graffiti-resistant; use an adhesive remover to clean the defacement.

Metal Enclosure Benefits


When standardized metal enclosures do not meet your specifications due to site footprint requirements and limitations, Scott Manufacturing Solutions customizes metal enclosures to meet your specific requirements. Our 3-D modeling allows for ease in the visualization of the product, making customization seamless.


Metal enclosures are customized to comply with IEEE, NEMA, ANSI and Western Underground Committee.


Designed to withstand the test of time. The metal enclosure 3-inch galvanized channel base, welded throughout construction and 3 millimeters of primer and finish coat contribute to the metal enclosure longevity. Resulting in a long-term, cost-effective solution that can endure harsh environments.

Standard Features

● 12 gauge cold-rolled steel construction throughout – 13 gauge 304 or 316 stainless is available when requested

● MIG welding throughout, all welds are ground smooth

● 10 gauge two-inch structural channel base is hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication

● The metal enclosure is media blasted to promote adhesion of the final coatings

● The enclosure has three millimeters of universal epoxy primer and three millimeters of epoxy siloxane finish

● All seams are sealed before applying the finish coat to prevent water infiltration

● Meets ANSI C57.12.28 and Western Underground Committee 2.13 tamper resistance standards

● Stainless steel pentahead lock

● Stainless steel door hinges

● Bold, clear cautionary labels as specified

● High-solids severe performance coating – VOC compliant

● Multiple ground connection points

● Mounting plates and parking stands

Optional Features

● Available as dead front or live front design

● Sensing and monitoring accessories to meet requirements

● Custom sizes to match requirements

● Riser base or ground sleeve

● Factory installed leveling device 304 or 316 stainless steel

● Final color to match specifications

● Coastal finish with inorganic zinc-rich primer

● Factory installed junction bars IEEE 386 extra parking stands

● Ground bar or rod